Friday, November 2, 2007

My learning style

Continuing my trend on exploring NLP I came across learning styles and modalities. I decided to try an online questionnaire to determine my learning preference.

When filling out the VARK Questionnaire version 7.0 I was diagnosed with having a multimodal learning preference, my exact scores was:
Visual: 10
Aural: 5
Read/Write: 7
Kinesthetic: 13

The score is very interesting to me, my own opinion previous to taking the test was that I actually had a more dominant visual learning preference complemented with a Read/Write learning preference and that I would score lower on Aural and Kinesthetic learning preference.

This is something I will need to follow up on. By learning about the different learning preferences and what it means to be multimodal I can improve my learning process.

This I have to follow up!

(me to myself: - damn, my backlog is growing too large, time to focus and prioritize, I am all over the place right now!)

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